Business Marketing/Promotion

​We now help businesses of all sizes with all their marketing and Promotions needs. That help reaches their target customer and new ones. Also, we can get you into different markets to grow your business. We have creative ways to advertise your business. Some Examples are Radio, T.V. advertisement, Flyers, Street team, vendors opportunities, Concerts, sponsorships, and many more. We have different packages to fit any budget.


​The basic package will be able to promote their company to thousands of potential local customers.



  • One month of marketing/promotions
  • 500 flyers distribution
  • Custom Flyers
  • Social Media Marketing.
  • Advertising Report

We’re adding the gold package for businesses who are trying to reach a new expanded market (from local to regional or national).



  • Six (6) Months of marketing/promotion
  • 3000 flyers distribution
  • Custom flyers
  • Social Media & Grassroots Marketing
  • Radio Advertisement (30 sec commercial)
  • One video commercial (30 sec.)
  • T.V. advertisement
  • One special event to drive traffic to your business