About Us

Little about A.S.M. Promotions

A Social Movement Promotions, LLC. (“A.S.M. Promotions”), is a cause-oriented concept promotion firm. The Company was founded by Daniel Harmon and Nakita Cummings in 2010 as a firm which would break through genre barriers and would promote musicians and artists through cause marketing. The Company’s motto, “education through entertainment,” is the driving force of its cause-marketing approach and a key to its success. Cause-marketing is the practice of promoting an event, business, artist, or product by attaching a social conscience cause to it. A Social Movement Promotions, LLC, prides itself on crossing the barriers within music genres as most promotion firms only focus on one genre of music. The Company promotes bands and singers from all of the three top music genres, Rap/R&B, Rock, and Country. We also market businesses, help with their marketing needs.

Creative Ways to Promote your Music and Business

​We at A.S.M. Promotions offer creative ways and a team behind you to take your brand, music, and business to new heights. We have creative specialists to help you with all your promotions needs. A Social Movement Promotions is your only concert & marketing company that helps small businesses and music artists reach their target customers and get into different markets. We have creative ways to advertise your business. through: Radio, T.V. Flyers, Street team, vendors opportunities, Concerts, sponsorship, and many more. We have different packages to fit any budget. Talk with an A.S.M. Specialists today.

What set us apart from the rest.

​​We help your dream come true. By simply making it one stop shop for all your event, branding and marketing needs. We design all our promotions packages to fit your goal and your budget.

  • ​One account specialists per client.
  • Advertise to get maximum exposure
  • Create an outstanding relationship between A.S.M., the artist, concert attendees, and business owner.
  • Creative marketing for your business,music artists and events
  • Treat you like family.